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The Eco Homes Housing Project was developed in the fuel of Detroit’s Midtown revitalization. The site was purchased within the limits of Midtown with the intention of developing a block of Single Family Detached Housing. The homes will demonstrate the most advanced uses of energy, water usage, landscape, architecture and planning as a pillar of forward thinking design solutions in the district. This new model for residential development will demonstrate the best in sustain-able planning and design, as well as benefit the community. The project is a key ingredient to Midtown’s Selden Innovation Corridor, which focuses on quality physical place and an ethos of inclusion that attracts a diverse group of workers, population and visitors to the Midtown district.



The project is anticipated to create a new type of innovative contemporary housing that is appealing to a variety of Midtown residents. This community of Eco-homes will contribute to the development boom in Midtown, adding an essential, in-demand residential element.

At the architectural level, this project provides a house typology that is innovative, affordable, contemporary and energy efficient. At the urban scale, this project seeks to harness the benefits of strategic, targeted, infill development in order to create a low to medium density urban block structure that can become a new kind of Detroit urbanism.


With more young professionals, creatives, young families, and “empty-nesters” moving into the city, a higher demand for low maintenance space with more access to local amenities has become critical. The Eco Home Project is a solution that provides the kind of low maintenance, energy saving, amenity accessible housing that is in high demand for the neighborhood.

As of October, 2020, all 14 EcoHomes have been built, 12 are sold, and 2 are available for sale. These last two homes are nearing completion, however buyers may make some design selections if they purchase the homes in the pre-construction phase.

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