The Eco Homes Housing Project was developed in the fuel of Detroit’s Midtown revitalization. The site was purchased within the limits of Midtown with the intention of developing a block of Single Family Detached Housing. The homes will demonstrate the most advanced uses of energy, water usage, landscape, architecture and planning as a pillar of forward thinking design solutions in the district. This new model for residential development will demonstrate the best in sustain-able planning and design, as well as benefit the community. The project is a key ingredient to Midtown’s Selden Innovation Corridor, which focuses on quality physical place and an ethos of inclusion that attracts a diverse group of workers, population and visitors to the Midtown district.



The project is anticipated to create a new type of innovative contemporary housing that is appealing to a variety of Midtown residents. Ideally, this community of Eco-homes will contribute to the development boom in Midtown, adding an essential, in-demand residential element.

At the architectural level, this project will provide a house typology that is innovative, affordable, contemporary and energy efficient. At the urban scale, this project seeks to harness the benefits of strategic, targeted, infill development in order to create a low to medium density urban block structure that can become a new kind of Detroit urbanism.


While housing does exist in the Midtown district, these houses are primarily larger and require a substantial amount of upkeep. The smaller houses require major updates and renovations to start.


With more young professionals, creatives, young families, and “empty-nesters” moving into the city, a higher demand for low maintenance space with more access to local amenities has become critical. The Eco Home Project is a solution that will provide the growing demographic with the kind of low maintenance, energy saving, amenity accessible housing that is quickly becoming a commodity.

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